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Reverse drive Valtra 8950


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One morning I was going to check on some cattle and what pulls up only one the local contractors with his 30' mowers. You could hardly see his driver over the steering wheel :D :D

Note all the diesel tanks on the front. This has some appetite for work as in one hour he cleared 14 acres and this photo was taken at 8.30 in the morning so he was clearly out at 7.30 :o


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She's rated at 160, but there's a little button (Sigma Power) you can press to take her up close to 200hp (180hp at the pto).  :o

That is right Stan - under pressure too with that mower - same contractor also runs / ran a similar unit on a Case MX 270 with one mower on the front and 2 on the back  :o

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i drove ours down the road in reverse

mex 5 on the 3 point with maize head on n trailer on the front on pickup hitch we made

the sigma power worked auto when ever the machine needed more power theres a torsion bar in the shaft some where in the rearend  and when the bar got enough twist in it the sigma power would come in

pretty cool i loved that tractor big fat tires it was a blue one

boss had 8950 and an 8150 both blue

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intresting , suerly its easier to have a normal tractor with front hitch and away you go though isnt it??

A lot of late 90s Valtras seem to have come with reverse drive (presumably for demonstration purposes). I know one guy with at least two reverse drive Valtras (8400 and 6800 - and I think his 8950 is reverse drive too).

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Guest Powerdozer

Are local contractor used to run a JD 6900 reverse drive with a Reco Mengele forager on i have a picture of it will dig it out.

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