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Sorry for the double post guy's computers mucking about.

I think i am going to sticker this one up as a 350, if i can get someone to make me some !

Now the question....the 362 has the exhaust on the offisde, and personally i have only seen 350's with the exhaust on the nearside.

Is anyone aware of an engine fitted to a 350 which would put the exhaust on the offside of a 350........before i go to the aggro of moving the one on the model ?

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OOOHHHH YEAH BABY  :P :P :P :P thats a great little conversion mate , really really likeing that  :) :) :) :) :) :)

i was going to try something similar but with the smaller britains rear wheels  :)


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love it. what did u use for the roof then?

Cowboy - it's for the most part modeling putty.

With the roof removed from a Britains 362 there is a nice lip/beam that runs down either side of the top. I took a thin strip of plastic-card, the same length as the cab roof and glued it, side on, against said lip/beam.

I then look a thin strip of card or paper and taped it to one of the strips of plastic-card, and drew the side profile of the roof freehand onto it. A case of doing it a number of times until you are happy you have the right shape. I then cut out the drawn profile on the card/paper and then used that as a template to cut the plastic-card on both sides the cab. In theory you then have both sides of the roof the same size and shape.

From there its just a case of filling the space between the two sides with modeling putty, and shaping with a file, and wet and dry until you are happy with the shape. A very long drawn out process. The main trick seems to be knowing when to stop.

The final touch was then to glue a very thin strip of plastic-strut down either side of the roof just above the door line, to represent the rain guttering on the real thing.

Does all this make sence ?

I am sure there must be an easier way, but thats how i did it !

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