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It looks like the 8250 chassis to me ,with an extended bonnet and the cab pushed backwards to accommodate that -  but people seem convinced a conventional tractor is coming...

Agritechnica ;)

If you're lucky you may have spotted one of the test ones!  I been told the cab will be further back than this but this unit may be kept the same position as it could be only testing the power train and elecs for example.  There sould be many scattered about under various disguises!  they did similar when the first fastrac ever came out. Harper Adams have one of the test machines in the engineering department from the first time round.

It also could be a guy whose painted his Fastrac Red :D;D ;D

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I see what you mean when you see them together there are a lot of changes - just out of interest why are they doing this anyway?  I can see that visibility will be better but surley if thats there motive why not make the cab like a normal tractor?

Weight could be a reason but they didn't have a weight distribution problem on the current models. :-[:)

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My guess, and it may be stupid, it is kind of a road biased version of the Fendt 936 - cab forward for better on road visibilty, but also more towards the back than the smaller models in the range as this sort of tractor is used more on cultivation ??? Where the cab is, it kind of reminds me of a MT765 :D I wonder if it has a rear deck?

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230kw may well be 308hp but if you read the spec sheet it does say that the biggest 7230 its 230hp and 172kw!  I believe the pictures of the red fastrac may also be the 8250 with the new cab and not the new 7000 series.

Ah right, I ain't fluent in the language it was written in.

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