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Yeti's Beavertail SO FAR

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I want to do this when I get an Iveco cheap enough, will be keeping a beady eye on this project. All looks good so far, maybe a slightly steeper incline or make this one a wee bit longer perhaps? Just an idea, I wouldn't bother changing it if it is too much hassle though.  8)

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Tell him it would look better in J.C Balls colours.  ;)

Thats the first thing I said ...spooky  ;)

That looks good bazza.... tell Yeti we are all proud of him... is it 1:32nd scale  ???

Yes mate

very nice convo udi, do you reckon its possible to put a set of rear loading ramps on cos that would set it off a treat  :)

Yes Jamie thats one of the options  ;)
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Ere udi, maybe you could spray it yellow and get some broxbourne plant of Hastings decals made up,then it would be a dead ringer to the lorry they use ;)

Yes good idea Jamie  ;)

We use one of there heavy sit on rollers that was delivered on one last year and yes you are spot on  ;)

Are you local then mate  ???

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