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one for marky, great ole tractor


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this is a 1972 MF165, with the 212 and multipower

brought for $3000, restored to this state for about $7000NZD from memory

sold it 6 years after restore, for about $8000, brought a 8spd (bit safer on hills with employees) haven't got any pics of that yet, its a wetbrake apparently

anyway, this is a good little tractor, earning its keep like it did, with a 70 inch howard rotovator

we restored these sorts of tractors to put back into fulltime employment, this 165 spent many summers on a NH286, great baling tractor, man enought to do the job, gutless enough not to break the baler


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What a beauty Puddy... thanks for posting... seems so strange to see them with a sun canopy on here... we don;t get much use for them here in the motherland  :-\ ;D

Good on multi-power... safe as hell on the hills  :D :D :D

Ummmm....  ;D

Johnny will love this post too  ;D:-* - sending him the link now  ;)

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she where in bad shape mate!

And the engine where that good ???

I had to replace the clutch and the brakes!

Did some new diesel and oil filters on the engine and ofcourse NEW oil!

And did some timing on the diesel pump!

No my 165 runs as new! ;D

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it shares a shed with this ole duck .....285 actually one of the first MFs rebuilt in shop, it got the dulux overhaul but no clear coat.........didn't take long for that to show

the orange and yellow things in the wagon is oranges and lemons, grapefruit, tangerines, and passionfruit

from the local fruit juice factory

cows love em


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ha ha!.........who said gutless

they need to spend a bit of quality time on a MF165 with a 203.........or a japanese tractor

the 212 was not gutless for her size ha ha!

next 165 will get a 236 rebuild kit, told that makes em snort

Basically a 168 then ;D

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