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tractors i've used & abused in the past !


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trying to get my photo album into order so i thought i'd post a few of the tractors i've used /abused in the past .

unlike today where you have digital camers,& cam phones , most were done with crappy point'n'shoot hanamex camera , as you'll appreciate, the film cost money to buy & develop so i never managed to remember to get a pic of many of the tractors i've worked with , shame really  :(





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great pics am sure you've enjoyed drivin those beasts!! i was going to say those are fairly thin tyres on the 6400, then i saw the pic below. great pics  8)

two different tractors mate , although both 64's

nice pictures, just a couple of questions about them, first why is the massey on the trailer in the first picture pulling a wheely? and what was the county fc 1174 like to drive?  :)

steep hills mate , so the front axle was tied to the 590,  1174=bouncy  :D :D :D :D, awsome machine mate

look at the grin on the face of the 550 driver :D :D,

ohhh yes , not a favourite tractor to drive , used to haul sugarbeet with this with a 4t trailer on a 12 mile round route , not the fastest tractor i've driven :-\

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Brilliant pics Marcus... many thanks for sharing them with us mate - Love the Massey pics... Oh how I wish I'd taken pics like that in the 80's when I workd for Massey... I don't think I ever even took one  :-[

Lovely to see the 100 series looking so new  :P - and the 590 4wd  :P

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You're certainly sharing some nice, interesting pics with us lately Marcus :) You must have been a mere whippersnapper when those Massey silageing pics were taken I guess.

Whats the story with the Deere 4055, a regular drive of yours?

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great pics for us old boys!!!! thanks marcus...............the guy we get to spread lime for us had one of those FC county`s he`s actually got one of the best modern ones I`ve ever seen too W reg forget the number but its like new  he uses it daily too heavy discs hedge trimming........pulls his daihatsu pick up front wheels lifted up to where he`s goins and travels back n forward in it!!!

Th FC was  a bu***r    to sit in on our hills  :o :o :o :o :o! JEEEEEEEEESSSSUUUUUS he`d dip you over and you thought you were in mid air ! Brown pants stuff! :( :( :(....he laughed  too if I can find pics I will we silage one particular place where , when you`re goin up hill at one part of the field you can`t see the bonnet! all you see is sky! actually it`s  fine with the baler as long as you watch youre goin up empty  its levelled out by the time you`ve got a bale.......baling  down is just NOT an option ..

keep em comin!

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