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I can't see Britains making one of these for the UK, they are a bit rare.

I'm not getting much of a sense of scale from the pic, but i guess it is much larger than a forklift, nearer SP harvester size, although I have seen smaller ones. These would be idel with the forklift, as the mechanism to raise and lower the head is already in place.

I agree with FP, on using the massey head,  cheaper and narrower and on you being a numpty  :)

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here you go another bit of knowledge for you, and anyone else who is interested. Never use a rower to help dry the rape, a man near us,? thought he was big and clever. last year he told me that he was going to do that, and said that he wanted to stand out and that he was surprised no one else had thought of it (the truth is we did but we knew what was going to happen, as we did not like him, we kept our mouths zipped!  ;D) He did stand out all right, as the man now could not wait a day to let the crop dry out. So he turned it but never got out to check the crop was ok and HAD shaked all the seed out.He did 20 acres or about that much before he checked it and when he did he had shaked all the seed out of every pod, all on to the floor!!. Out of the 200 acres he got 20 ton of rape so as we were combining away at our 20 ton an acre he was doing 1 ton to 10 acres . he stood out all right !!  :):D :D

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8i have seen lots of them hear to 10 to 12 diffrent machinse runing a round and what part of yorkshire do you live in just been up there for my holl rich

South Yorkshire j.d, between Sheffield and Barnsley.

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Right, I've made a start on the swather. Re-shaped the cab and removed the mudguards, fitted the front and rear axles and given it some primer. Personally I think it stands a bit high, what do you think?

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