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Quick Silage Sides

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For the Britains single axle tipping trailer. Plastruct sheet, angle, plastic coated wire and a bit of mesh. Job done. Bit rough bit they'll do for the comp. Making a set for another trailer now  :)



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Yeah I started them some time yesterday afternoon and then came home, three coats of red oxide and that was it. Now I have done one set the second should be easier.  :)

Me too Nick, luckily though for the old layout they'll be back loading so I just need the two  ;)

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tris  a tip for you on the door instead of using angle use the U shape plastic right round then you just slot the mest into it and glue the bottom bit on

Top man, thanks for that  :) :) That'll make it a damn sight easier. Do you think the extensions ought to have bracing strips on, maybe just one in the mieddle on either side? Might do it anyway.

Thanks for all the compliments guys. It's nice to get away from the buildings for a while and excercise the mind a bit  :)

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Fankoooo!! You didn't see them at Toytrac then? They were on the ground hving been taken off. Nothing special really. Just plascticard, some angle and some Marky Mesh. ... Done. :)

yes i saw them out in the field , but cant of taken much notice of them , they looked in place where they were ,

bit like a lot of farm equipment , that sort of thing is always there so you just dont see it  so your display was spot on mate

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