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A pair of proper marstons

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Oh no :( This is exactly what I didn't want to see. . . . the one without wheel arches is what I have been using, with a splash board on the near side. . .

Let me know when they're painted so that I can avoid this topic on health and financial grounds!!


With all sincerity Dan, they're bang on. 8)

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cheers for the comments everybody.  I think i am deloping a unheathly addiction to silage trailer building :D :D

the only trouble is i have 3 left to build for my collection and 1 version will be avaliable from the website soon.

you think:D :D we knew a while back  ;)

maybe a name change to trailerman01 is in order .

seriously dan you seem to be gifted for these type of builds

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silage, wholecrop and maize is my fave time of year so most of my collection is built around those times of the year

hurmph , you build some serious quality stuff dan , just wish i could afford those titans you built a while back :(

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