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You'll need some waterslide decal paper (theres loads on ebay) and make your printer is up to the job

Then you'll need a graphics program, you will have to buy or "aquire" this, MS paint is not worth the hassle of trying it on there as it is hard to size things up.

When you have a program, like Photoshop, corel, even vectorworks (to set up the lines) etc, you can either create a grid that represents  the dimensions of the decal you want and then design to that, or just create rectangles of the right size, this insures that it ends up the right size for the tractor. If it is a curved decal, create a fine grid and use the Arc or polyline tool. The rest is pretty much the design, find the nearest font to the one you want, or draw the letters/numbers yourself, do a few practice prints to make sure the colours you are using are accurate as the screen does not show exactly how the printer, prints (unless you have got the colours set up with your screen/printer). Also make sure the printer has a high enough deffination to print the detail, you can spend hours on something, only for it to come out as a blob, so it is usually a good idea to simplify some decals and create a representation . The problem you are going to have, is if you have not used a graphics program before, a lot of this is not going to make sense, and you can't be taught the programs over the internet, so the best solution to learning them is to buy one and keep trying

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If you know somebody with a high quality printer, or even better, someone who does signwriting, they may be interested in swapping pints for access to their hardware.

Alternatively, if you can get the design part right yourself, a printshop with high res printers (Xerox DocuCopy or similiar) should do the printing for you for a price.

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i thought if IHP could desighn them from origional photos scale them down even try them on his printer all he would have to do is either post them or even email them to the buyer he can print them him self if they have a good printer

(are epson stylus C20 any good?)

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Hi all.

I'd think any modern printer capable of photo printing would be fine, the other day I printed off writing 1.5mm high on waterslide on a Epson C46 and that was still readable (that was a suprise), so I think most should be o.k.

I used automotive laquer to lock the ink to the print, but I did this purely because it comes in spray form, airbrushes apparently don't like it.

As for a decal design service....sorry but I think I'll give that a miss, if there are angles involved and you don't have the tractor in front of you It'd be a nightmare (too busy at the mo anyway, if I do any decals for myself that would be useful to others, I'll post them up)

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Thats ok IHP we all have other comitments but it a shame we dont have somebody who could create any decal for any make ibeit britains ertl scratchbuild in 1.32 you could also do harvesters and impliments i apoligize if someone has already thought of it but it would be good to have a britains-tractors.co.uk decal making service i think

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