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time we got one of them cabs on a ford? tractor ! come on F-P give it a go ,please ? :) :) :) :)

Anyone know a source for the cabs?? I've often thought about putting one on a 5610 base tractor along with a 2WD front axle.  :)

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Very fine looking jd's. I have had a jd 3040 2wd customised by a fellow modifier to exact photos of my real life tractor i use for contract flailmowing. The base unit is a ertl 3350 with the mud guards cut down then re styled with plaststrut, a 2wd front axle fitted off a 4020 and rear wheels off a britains 6290, then mirrors lights, hand rails, fuel/ water caps, c.b ariels and flashing beacons ect and then a final paint jod to match, mine has an SG2 cab so that stayed much the same apart from colour changes on the lower door. The end product is really good, so good infact i ordered a MF 2640 2wd to the same spec as the one my dad used to drive!

No photo to post as yet as i havent worked out to place it with digi camera. Sparrow Legs.

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I posted a long one before the last.....' wonder where it went??? ???

can post it again then please NIGEL

those OPU cabs could realy convert allot of tractors david browns ,JDs,IH, i also saw one fitted to a massey in classic tractor last year i think it was a 290 but for the french market

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