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I'm new and thought i'd say hello.

I'm getting married in a few weeks, and have been talking to me dad about some old stuff i have at my parents place, so I've just started taking an interest in my old tractor toys and decided i'd like to add to my little collection, and replace some of the long lost workhorses from my fleet!

I used to live opposite a small farm, which primarily used MF equipment, i remember some 590/795s, a 135, a 2000 series and a 698T.  There was an 84 Combine too.  The farm later changed to John Deere stuff before the owner sold up.  Its a housing estate now.  :(

Anyway, this fuelled my 4 year old imagination and i became fascinated with Britains stuff!

So here's what i remember from my Tractor collection.

Pre 4-5yrs old - 2x MF 595's, these were in my pre combine days and were run into the ground very quickly.

Deutz Fahr- Took on the role of the retired MF's

MF 760 i remember it came in a nice box with some artists impressions of it at work on the side.

Ford (model type? it had the black wrap around grill)

New Holland TR85

Fiat DT and Merc MB Trac - These arrived on my 7th birthday along with loads of implements.  The Fiat quickly became the stalwart of the fleet, undertaking most duties but being particularly fond of it's corn carting capabilities!

As i was getting older, i was becoming less clumsy. Although i have little recollection of the Ford's demise, the Fiat met an untimely end during the morning after a wet day.  The combine was abandoned in the 'field' and the Fiat and been bringing in bales and had stopped for a refuel outside the wooden farm my dad built for me.  Unfortunately a collision with a vigorously hoovering parent resulted in front and rear axle failure, and in the middle of harvest!  However, i managed to salvage the cab, which was shoehorned onto the old MF 760 which had lost its cab a a while ago, and was able to recover some time in my imaginary harvest.

Next up was a Corn King, which never got many hours on the clock due to it not being authentic enough for my liking.

Next up was a Renault, circa '86, purchased from a toy shop in Ventnor, followed by a Volvo Valmet which came from Cornwall.

The Renault became the new stead of choice and took on most duties, with the Volvo providing support.

During the twilight of my childhood farming career came the Powerfarm TW35(?) a Twin wheel MF and an MF 362.

Surviving, i think is the MB Trac, the Ford TW35 and the MF 362 and the twin wheeler and all the combines.  I still have the salvaged remains of the others.

I hope to replace my old favourites and maybe add some new ones.

Forgive my ramblings, but the memories are flooding back as i type!


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GET OUT, GET OUT.....this is a local farm toys forum for local farm toys collectors.....

Only joking.....welcome to the forum, get posting some pictures of your collection up so we can all see, and be careful of the hobit and the mad massey massive!!!!


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Welcome aboard Daryl and nice to see a Britain's collector. I just started collecting Britain's only about 4 years ago when I kinda ran out of space for my small collection of five  real vintage tractors. One think I can assure you about this collecting lark it may be fun but it can have a distarous effect on your bank account. I'm sure you will enjoy yourself on here... can be a bit of a "madhouse" at times but can be a lot of fun.

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Thanks guys.

My other hobby is old Volkswagens, as the garage is cold and damp in the winter and has no power, i figured this would keep me busy in winter.

I'm hoping it won't have a huge effect on my bank account, i just want a few little models like my old ones. Although, you're going to tell me thats what they all say and that before i know it my house will be stuffed with all sorts of stuff aren't you!  ;D

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What an entrance! That was a brilliant first post and a story many of us could have told. I think my DT fell down with the help of an excited whippet when my Nan came round.

That was when we were all innocent. Now I'm a junkie with a habbit for all things 1/32!!

Welcome aboard Daryl.


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I think i'm going to enjoy my time here.  Its like some kind of AA meeting, i thought i was the only one, no one understands and all that!  ;)

I used to take it all very seriously as a kid.  I had some spraying to do one spring, i had the giant fold out chafer tow behind one, slightly sun faded, another holiday purchase this time from Ilfracombe, North Devon. 

My MB trac was weapon of choice for spraying, due to its skinny wheels and ground clearance.  A local farmer had a white T reg one which i was trying to emulate.

Now, the MB Trac always had squeaky wheels, which i thought added to it's charm, making it sound like a well used rustic relic wheeled out once a year for spraying duties, much like the one i could watch out the window. 

Anyway, it turned out to be Wimbledon finals day, and my mum was watching in the living room.  I soon found that squeaky wheels don't mix with commentary and mothers have no concept of carpet agriculture...

I managed to persuade my dad to put some household oil on the axles, which created a separate issue for my mother to try and thwart progress, but this could be dealt with after Stefan Edberg had lifted the wimbledon trophy...

i remember this was the season after the Fiat's sad demise.  The wounds had been opened up as i'd been playing at a friends house (incidentally a farmers son) and had a fleeting liaison with his 2wd version and i missed my fiat terribly.  Still there was work to be done and no one was going to take the MB Trac out the line of duty!!

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I just wish i'd kep the box! Not that i'd ever part with it.  Its my earliest surving model, if i remember rightly, it had metal hydraulics and they didn't have the guts to lift implements clear of the ground.

I looked at your link, how did you manage to keep them so nice, i played and played with mine for hours!

I've just remembered a couple more.  i had a couple of dark cab-less ones, which Britains called 'farm tractors', i think they were based on an old Ford, one had yellow mudguards and red wheels, one had orange wheels and white or cream guards.

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Yes boxes are key to my model collecting. No box then no buy. How did I managed to keep my childhood boxes ... well you have a canny Scotsman here you know ;D ;D... seriously these were the survivors and I had trashed tractors and boxes and implements before these ones came along. I musthave had an earlier major because I have that old style hitch and for whatever reason I had painted it black. I kinda used this as a transport box.

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Legend has it, well, a drunken uncle at christmas, that my cousin has a fair old collection from his childhood days in his dad's attic.

I know there are a few tractors, boxed up and unused, including MF's and Fords.  He mentioned Internationals too but i don't recall Britains doing those.  Bearing in mind i'm 30, and my cousin is a good 8-10yrs older than me, I'd love to take a look.

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Yes welcome Daryl

Remind me to introduce to a friend who also collects VWs.  He has an ancient but refurbished Beetle from 1930-something, has traced the original owner, met the dealer who sold it as new and refused to sell it back to him.  He also collects toy cars but not farm stuff.  At least I don't think he does

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My beetle isn't as old as that, its a 69.  it was a scrapper that i rebuilt with my dad and its in storage.  I've another one in bits, a californian cabrio and we have an 89 german import transporter too.

The more i think of my old toys, the more i remember.  I have a JCB loadall and a power farm Claas Jaguar somewhere.

I really want an old 595 now!

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Welcome to the forum for weirdos Daryrl...

We all thought we were special one offs til we found this place .. now we are as common as a burnt out Massey  ;)

You will enjoy your time on here.. just don't agree to meet up with any of us in real life  :D

Hi, i'm intrigued by your comment, as common as a burnt out Massey.

I remember a local farmer had a 1986 MF 29 or 31(?) combine.  It burnt out, then there was a later one, a 38 or something burnt out.  Masseys disappeared very quickly near us.  Everyone started running NH TX's.

Is this a fairly common problem?  I must say when i was a kid when i was absolutely obsessed with them, the MFs were the most common i used to see, i don't think i've seen any in my area for the last 10 seasons or so?

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Going by the humour in your replies Daryl I think you'll be right at home here ;):D

And some  :o :o

Warmest welcome to you Daryl... I've had a chuckle at your first few posts... the Wimbledon comment made me giggle.. I can picture you carpet farming with mum ready to put the MB trac in the boot...

Like most of us... my story is similar to yours too... Oh How I wish I'd kept the boxes.. most of my models are buried... or got covered in 'slime-muck' - wicked stuff for making wheel prints on the windowsill... Havoc on the rear axles - but may have cured your squeak  :D :D

Anyway... welcome aboard...

As for Barry and his comment about Masseys... please ignore him... we only got him out of the cupboard and blew the dust off him last week... he spends most of his time on the FTF naughty step normally

Anyway... You have sussed it already... brace yourself for a substantial drain on the wallet... you've joined... and there is no going back now buddy.... good luck with your quest for a 595.. have you heard about the 590 as well  ???;D;):D :D

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Lord Ferguson - Yes, i have heard of the 590.  I am positive my old Masseys, (thinking about it, there might have been 3) were all 595's.  I would have been 3 or 4 so it would have been 81/82/83. I know in all the junk in the loft there are still the old chassis from them and a couple of bonnets and mudguards.  I know for certain the wheels were slotted.  BUT, i keep thinking that the ones my uncle says he has in his loft might have a 590 among them.  My cousin would have acquired them roundabout the mid 70s.  I get married in 3 weeks, i'll ply him with drink and have a word!!! ha! ;)

Thank you all for your kind welcomes.  I'm pleased if people have chuckled at my ramblings.  That wasn't my intention, but i realised the other day how humourous things must have been when my parents were explaining my childhood antics to my fiance.  Apparently, there were some delicate negotiations to evict my brother from his bedroom when i was about 9, as i was very concerned about some late winter wheat that needed bringing in!!

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