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Pleased to announce the launch of the new UTS website...

Not 100% complete yet but please let me know any comments you have on it so far.

Loads of scratchbuilds coming shortly including some of the old Agrium projects, Loads of convos, and of course various UH & Weise bits and bobs including loads of Limited Editions.


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Mega swanky, Barry. The sight looks very UH style if you don't mind me saying. Clear, concise and kind of portfolio like. The UH brochures are like brochures produced by McCormick, Claas, Valtra themselves. Your website has the look of the shop section of a big OEM. Really well put together and shows off your stock and availability really well.  8)

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Thanks fellow weirdos  ;)

Of course most of the credit goes elsewhere but hey  ;) In my usual different style I try to offer something different from the regular dealers.

Some exciting new projects coming up...some familiar scratchbuilds and some real master pieces  ;)

Gotta keep busy  ;)

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serious post for a change tonight...

That's a great USP (Unique selling point for anyone who doesn't know) to have Bazza - nice to see a fresh approach to farm model trading mate - fair play...

As for the site... the more I look the better it gets... it's got a hugely 'professional' feel to it mate... first class

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Missed this! Looks very smart - hope it goes well.

Do I detect some non blues on there too?  :o

Just a couple John  ;) have to try and please everyone  ;)

liking the look of that barry, lot of effort but all worth well

Thanks Sean baby... :-* To be fair I can't take the majority of the credit but hey  :-*
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Some of the regulars will have noticed the new slicker website.... :-*

If not why not  ;D ;D ;D As punishment you will have to sit in Marky's Office with his Massey powerpoint presentation listening to him waffle on  ;)

Anyway back to the plug


You know you can trust me right  ;D ;D ;D

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Fantastic Mate!!

Only thing that's missing is Dan's Three Oaks Trailers!!

Liking the new look, very easy to use.


They would be there Jez baby but Dan cannot keep up with his own orders  ;D

very posh mate looking good

Err yeah you can tell it wasn't my work eh  ;D ;D ;D

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