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Tractors in different colours


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I have found lots of pictures of tractors in different colours than what you would expect, so though i'd start a new thread with them in, please add your own if you have any

Lots of Fendts!!

White Fendt


Blue Fendt


Red Fendt


Blue Fendts


Burgundy and Blue Fendts


Weird Green Fendt


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The gold Fendt I believe was a special celebrating 25 years of the BASF chemical company. I seem to remember Siku did a couple of ltd ed models of them, one was a 414 and the other an 8??

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There used to be a yellow JD 7000 series around Westmeath a few years back. It was the same yellow as on the sticker along the bonnet.

I also heard that there was 3 JD 7810 in white on some royal farm in England but I never seen one  :(

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