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NZG FORD 4550 (1973 as old as me!!)1.32

Conrad Fermec 860 sideshift

Conrad Kobelco 860 centremount

NZG JCB 3CX grey cab

NZG JCB 3CX black cab

Joal JCB 4CX

Joal JCB 217S

Joal JCB 4CX black buckets

Conrad Case 580F

Conrad Case 580K

Conrad Case 580superLE

ERTL Case 580K 2WD 1.32

All boxed and mint or near mint ;) ;) ;)

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Very nice PDC - you got any conrad's in that lot.  I want an MF conrad but I can't find one for the right sort of price - do you know how much I should be looking to pay for one ?

What model Massey digger are you looking for?

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In truth any really - As long as it's MF and it's near mint I'm not that fussed - I think I have bid on a 50hx ? before (twice) but they both made silly money on ebay.

Any digger with MF on it now makes 'silly' money,your best bet is to find a 50HX or a 860 at one of the shows.Still expect to pay anywhere between ?50 and ?100  :( :( :( :(

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What are the CASE 580 models worth, my mate is selling a 580G and a 580D which i'm pondering over making an offer for but not sure what they are worth.

Keep an eye on them on ebay but they can make good money,offer him ?20 each ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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Posting in a very old topic I know ::)

But here is an addition to my line up of Backhoe Loaders ;)

I've wanted one of these for years and thanks to a good friend (and fellow forum member) I now have one...

The NZG JCB 1400B....the 3CX with centre mount backhoe made for the American market ;)


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That's a very impressive line up of back hoes you have collected Paul, never realised the American versions were designated differently, they look really smart together. :)

How much are one of those "normal" 3CX making at the minute?

The two I remember seeing at Spalding this year i'm pretty sure were £110 a piece Colm, I was very tempted.

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I like the older NZG stuff quite crude by today's standards but lots of character :)

Certainly not loaded with detail but solid representations of the real thing, i'd love to own some NZG JCB (and a Case IH 4994 my wish list continues to grow....) models at some point in the future.

There's chap in Pickering who has a stand on the local flea market who had some really nice old NZG Bomag rollers/compactors, they looked the business, couldn't believe how heavy they were, pretty sure the boxes were in Bomag colours too, but I couldn't justify the cost of them at the time and I think he has since sold them, really nice models though. :)

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