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unfortunately by the time thomas got the pics ready to load , it was bedtime & school the next day & the forum was slow to load the pics , so i'll post the rest so far

the buildings are easy to do & very quick , two workers cottages took approx 50minsto assemble, i cut the profiles but thomas seemed ok with the card glue  :-\ ::):D





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the base boards are going to be 3ft x 2ft & can be added to accordingly


looks like the farms going to be the middle board so another section will need to be added , needless to say , thomas' excitement is getting hard to control :D


as you can see he cant wait & even with it all in loose fitting form it's all go :D :D


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Very cool, I can's wait to see more.  ;):)

The detail on the 1/87th models is amazing.

thanks mate you will dad says we are teasing you pic evey week

Looks good, Thomas. Buildings are grea. Metcalfe kits are so realistic and easy to put together.  Looking forward to seeing more pics

how did you know it was metcalfe? :)

Looking excellent so far - this will be the first 1/87th display I have seen on FTF (no numpties please, maybe I just haven't noticed them!). What are you going to call your farm Thomas? You could have a competition to decide or do a vote. Looking forward to seeing more.

done poll as you speek :o:)

let you off with that MBM ;)

i think there are or were a few on here, may have gone with a clear out??

I'm sure richie had a 1:87 scale layout? :-\

yes he inspired me to do this :) thanks

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Wicked!! I love it. Thomas, you've got off to a great start with this and it's going to be really good to see it at Toytrac amongst all the 32nd stuff. A nice change and it is very interesting to see. .  It always makes me wonder about starting Leverets over again in 87th. .

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yard all painted


scaned the barn kit and bilt my own barn by glueing to an old cereal box together


the barn i made all up and running


trying out the new trees and some tractor wheel marks. also a farm sine with portman farm on it.


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