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Conversion idea

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Having seen David's excellent Moffett, it got me thinking - what if you were to get the Valtra forestry tractor, put large wheels on the front, put the TM165 bonnet, cab and mudguards on it and then the rear loader, would you have something approaching a TV140/145?

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no you can shove it where the sun don't shine!!! don't suppose you need a door and a hopper for the back of a white mb trac do you?hairy palms

No thanks mate, I have some.  ;)

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all ready thought of that before the moffett , it is not that simple , i still have the tractor ( well 3 tractors ) in bits to look back at it ..


hey all,

I have also been trying this (Dave, I emailed you about this a while back :) ) the proportions of the bonnet are wrong, I've found the real things cab and bonnet sit higher than you can reasonably achieve on the valmet chassis, I created a polymorth front axle to test this, and haven't fully given up, but its not easy

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