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ingleview farm


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ingleview farm has been brought at last been a long time on the market .in these credit crunch times court lodge farm was sold and now we farm in yorkshire and  lancs border at ingleview 390 arces  total .300 grass leys and permenant pasture 40 arces barley , 50 acres maize , well builders are in and lorrys and plant cracking on like to be milking by toytrac






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Grahams own fine work the 8 legger clamshell.

Looks great Graham, a nice start and the elevation will make a great feature for your new layout. 8)

Just thinking, that Wilcox lorry would look great with a Moffet on the back. . . . ;)

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many thanks to you all ,

tris i was thinking of doing a small tautliner on the daf 85 for  feed deliverys and having a moffit on the back of that ,the willcox trailer needs some barn doors on i have the waterslide decals just need time ::)

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really don't know how you find the time & get it to look as good as it always does graham especially when you say 'in time for toytrac' !

you seem to create a amazing display in the same amount of time normal people 'just finished my first shed just needs a roof , walls & doors'   :D :D

as per though , yer a top chap for this sort of thing & will look forward to seeing it on the day, as got a feeling it'll attract the crowd just like your other setups

like the sound of a daf85 curtainsider with moffet we got a couple of daf 75 6whlrs moffet ready at work so MVF colours would be nice  :) :)

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