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same lamborghini and hurliman

ford/nh fan

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Daz it was only yesterday when I learn't mate - that's not a numpifiable offence by any stretch of the imagination.  Go to the link you want  - highlight it in the title bar you know the http:// etc etc. right click, copy then rick click and paste into the area you want to paste the link  ;)

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the same and lamborghini i bought in the nineties when they were released. the Hurlimann was bought from agand m at castle donnington toy fair around same time but they managed to get some to sell over here as those tractors were not produced to sell in this country. i bought it for ?20 which was still a lot of money for a tractor then . selling them now to help fiance next years purchases helps keep wife of my back ;D. never realy liked them as models becauce they seem to be to big for the scale and on old tw chassis or maybe thats just me being too picky about detail.  cheers


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