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2640 2wd mjb1 it's finished !

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saw TM's 2640 & thought i'd better finnish mine off as well .

front axle is from a economy ford 6600 wheels from one of those little blue cargo trailers & the decals done with the 'paints' programme i'll keep the landini grill on it though just to remind me not to break up things i shouldn't? :-\

next thing to attempt is to put glass in the cab using laminatsd plastic sheeting ,but when that will be lord only knows .

i think these front wheels look OK as the real tractors always looked a bit ungainly with the 2wd option.

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don't know yet as am really tempted to go we'll have to see how the cash flow is going ,or stopped as the case may be . i'll give you a shout to be sure when i know nearer the time . :)

SPOT ON Marcus - you've got the front wheels just right mate on that one - anoother one to send me in the post for my 200 to sit behind :D

i think TM is trying too hard with the wheels as they never really suited 2wd in my eyes ,too gangly, :-\& as for it being hitched up to the 200, then you'll just have to send it back for a photo session or you'll have to super impose it using photoshop  :D :D :D but it would look better than that siku thingy ;)

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here she is finished . the cab as you know was glassless so i put a plastic sheet through the laminater,cut to shape & size & glued, job done :) :)

this is the last pic is all of them now,

at the start of last week i had 3 2680's all in differing condition,

left > right? 2640 2wd? > 2680 4wd > 2720 4wd

:) :) :)

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.. . . . .. . and when were you thinking of commencing mass-production?

Great work, proper 80's arable set up there now. I just bagged a semi-modded 2680 on ebay, sure you all saw it. It's the only one I will have for a while I expect do may do a few subtle changes to it. MJB, farmmodels.co.uk do a toolbox, metal. Would look good underneath the nearside quarter window on one or two of yours!! Think they are a quid. Now that has to be a good reason to go to Shepton!!!

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If that really was mjb's mummy shown as a new member late last night, we'd better behave ourselves !!

yes it was & yes we'd better  :D :D :D :D

thanks to all for the nice comments & a big thanks to TM who got me started by getting the 2720 decals & for starting his 2wd 2640 else mine would still be in the box in the attic, looking very sorry for it's self as it was in a dire need of modifying . ;)

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