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Hello to everyone!


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Hi everyone

I am new to this wonderful site and looking forward to contributing. I am a long time fan of farming, I lived on a farm for several years when I was younger. My first love of tractors came when I was about 7 when I watched a Muir Hill (121 I think) plough the field in front of my house, this was closely followed by earnest collecting of Britain's farm models. I remember the annual excitement of a new Britain's catalogue, the new models together with of course the classics, I built up a huge collection but sadly was not as gentle with most of them as I should have been hence I am now restarting my collection. I have quickly built up a collection of old favourites together with new models and am loving it, not sure the wallet is though  ;D I am also trying my hand at conversions and weathering so look forward to posting up some pictures in the near future across the threads.

I was a Britain's purist but my re-introduction to the ranges has been mixed, I feel that Britains has lost it's way a bit (controversial I know  :of) a mantle picked up by Universal Hobbies and others. I still buy Britains but also now have a lot of UH, Siku and some Ertl. I would like to try some Weiss too. Ebay is probably my guilty pleasure, my most recent purchase been a white Powerfarm County 1884 which didn't work until I gave it some TLC, not sure how they got so expensive though!  ???

Anyhow that's me for now, looking forward to been a part of this passionate community.

I live in North Yorkshire, where there is lots of mud  8)



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Well what a wonderful introductory post Lee and I look forward to your posts in the future especially on Britain's since well I would say I'm a die hard Britain's with a collection of 777 all boxed barring a muledozer and a cab for a late 1960's Ford 5000 which came in a slider box.

Sorry 778 now I forgot I made a purchase on ebay today the first of 2011 for me.

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echo all of the above... Welcome aboard the good ship FTF Lee.. like my friends above, I look forward to having a nosey around your collection when you get the chance to post it up.

If you need any help, please feel free to drop me a Personal Message (PM) at any time  ;)  .. and most of all...

Have fun  :)

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That's a great teaser Lee. Glad you found us and made yourself known buddy. Love the line "I live in North Yorkshire where there is lots of mud" - Plain and simple!

Very much looking forward to seeing more of your model farm and the models on it. I'm sure you'll have plenty of fun and laughs here whilst also finding any answers to any questions you may have. There is always someone here that knows something or other.

Go forth and multienjoy!

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