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Zwolle 2011


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LCN will be organizing their 23rd farm toy show in the Ijsselhallen at Zwolle this year on the

19th and 20th of November

their show model will be a limited edition New Holland T8.300 made by Siku. What the extra's will be on the model, is not yet known, but will be placed in this topic as soon as that is announced.

I hope to see many of you at Zwolle this year (again)!

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When I posted that, this thread was in the 'Farm Shows' section.

I see someone has now renamed that section (and presumably moved this thread).

Yes thanks Ploughmaster... one of our more educated Moderators managed to 'break the code' embedded in your post and we worked out what you were hinting at... needless to say it wasn't me  :-[

Perhaps next time you could add a little to your post so that even a pillock like me can understand it please  :) ... but thanks for your help in pointing out the error in the topic anyway  ;)

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Wen we last monday went to the MF Factory the big man behind the show where also whit us on the trip!

Had a chat whit him and he said that the show is getting bigger this year and the have the second hall for 2 day´s!

So i think it is going be worht the trip!

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Youre welcome to have a stop if you come over ;)

Sucho and UH wil have a stand this year in Zwolle!

Also from Denmark some RC tractors that are hand made!

Would be awsome to meet some Dutch members,you have a very nice country from what I saw of it a few years ago. :)

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you (ol) and Dewdene are very welcome to stop by here as well.. Dewd can check out a seriously large NH collection here  ;)

we are only 1 hour away from Zwolle  8)

- both halls, i hadnt heard that yet, then it is going to be huge.. i always miss half of the second hall as it is only there on Saturday normally...

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