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Begining of a JD dealership


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I have been wanting to do something like this for a while now , So i have started with a workshop. Its going to be a big workshop with room for 5 bays , welding area , office etc.

Its not finished yet , i still need to do the end and fit three roller doors , then obviously fit the inside with workbenches and tools etc. I have taken a couple of snaps  of what it looks like now , there is a couple of tractors in there to show size.



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You've made a good start there Rich, will be looking forward to seeing how this progresses with time :)

Only criticism is your choice of those 'orrible green tractors :P;D ;D ;)

Surely green is an excellent choice for a tractor workshop?

Britains made blue and red tractors for years, but it was only when they introduced 'orrible green things into their range that they had to make a repair/service van to make it all realistic and true to life.


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i've been so busy lately not alot has changed here , but i was working on this yesterday,firstly i have made it smaller.

the roof timbers are all removable just to make things easier and i need to sort out some roller doors for the front.

i have made an order with mandy too so before long it will be looking a bit more like a workshop inside.





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