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Foyle View 1.32


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Well guys ive got my ass in gear and im for making a nice lay out as the title says its going to be called Foyle View just going to name it after our farm at home.

The farm is 350 acres 100 acres is down to grass its a father and son team we fatten cattle and have a few sheep and cut some Silage&Hay for our own use and to sell.

Theres also 2 enterprises that we run from the farm 1 is a small contracting business and a Hay and Straw business. We sell our Hay,straw and some silage to local farmers and the Equine market theres is few farmers just bale there own straw behind our combine so you will see the odd foreign object on the farm well i mean machinery wise ;D

So down to the fleet. The fleet is made up of 3 main movers and shakers they are

.Fendt 820 - The main tractor for baling,drilling and ploughing ect

.MF5470 - The pocket rocket is used for Bale wraping,tedding and haulage ect

.MF3120 - This was the first 4WD we had on the farm so it will always be on the farm my dad dosnt want to let it go last winter we had it overhauled and she's the main sparyer tractor.

At peek times of the year or when we need more power for a few machines we have in the yard we hire in a few tractors form our local dealers as we dont want to be paying H.P for tractors we dont need over the winter.

we also have a JD6920 on the farm which dosnt belong to us but belongs to a family friend called Willy and he rents a cottage on our farm so we let him keep his 6920 on our farm he contracts as well but all he dose is hedge cutting for the local councils and farmers we do hire him in when we have busy times on the farm but as he getting on there been talk of him giving it up in a years time or so well he is 68 years of age so will see how he goes.

Hope to get pictures up soon as im waiting for a few thing to arrive in the post.

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well guys here's the start of Foyle view not much yet but it will get better. as i said i was waiting on some stuff to come and so i landed this morning.


Here we have the base for foyle view.


This is what i used for the concrete look


and the finish look


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Well 3 Paul they were very well packed I'm cheating with the sheds untill I get more time to build my own I want to make a red brick workshop and a shed for keeping spary in as foyle view are getting a lot of calls for spraying this year the MF3120 has been spraying round-up all this month

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Well guys FV is up and running and here it is


Need to go and get more base board tomorrow as i have one more shed to put on for now i do have a a red brick workshop to build as the last one burned down at FV we could build a new workshop but dad wants to rebuild the old one as has great memories of it the only thing we will be changing is the doors iinto the shed as some of the machinery could not fit in.

This is the shed that will be put on the new base board.



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