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Prototype Muir Hill 101

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I got distracted reading Stuart Gibbard's book and started building this, what hopefully looks like an early Muir Hill 101

Its still early an early prototype, but I wanted to post it anyway and i'm hoping someone has similar tyres + axle to the ones on here they can sell me , as a pair on here are "borrowed" (colour not important as they will be painted)

I've still some work to do on the front axle, as I forgot about the height of the steering pin when I worked out the axle heights, so its sitting a bit high at the front. I will make the front axle more realistic, but am determined to keep the steering.

Please excuse the cut and shut middle section, theres still a bit of work to do on the cab floor

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Hi IHP, if you're interested I can supply proper MUIR-HILL wheels that I made for a customer that doesn't use

many. The fronts even have the raised triple lug on the half-shaft end peculiar to MH. The rear's centres are inside

out, again as the real tractors, tyres are 18.4, 15x34. My pattern for this actually unbolts so I can produce wheels

set at different track widths! ?8/pair for any of the settings as are FORD 7000 wheels with same tyres.

Front wheels with 7.50 x18 tyres- ?2.50/pair ?p&p extra.

By the way" jd mad" no 4 wheel steer MH tractors exist, only loaders like the B5000. Regards to all.

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'By the way" jd mad" no 4 wheel steer MH tractors exist, only loaders like the B5000.'

I can't remember the number of the MH loaders (with backhoe) that I had (A3000 I think) but they not only had 4 wheel steer but could crab steer as well.

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nah sorry guys, this ones going to have to wait....its something I still want to do, but I don't have enough infomation on the tractor to do it, the prototype was just messing and done by eye, if I'm going to spend the time to do it properly I'd want to be building it right, so until I get hold of techie drawings or get to see one in the flesh and photograph/measure the thing to kingdom come, I'm going to leave it. In the meantime, hopefully someone will produce a white metal kit of it!

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