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I've decided to do a bit of changing around up on the landing. The farm's getting hard to access as it's on the floor and I need to walk on fields to get to certain parts of it and other bits at the edges involve me kneeling down to get to them. It's getting sore on the knees an dc the fields and I want to change my layout so the plan is to have a layout in a shape of a c the whole way round the walls, about 3ft out, with access in the middle. 

I considered one big layout in the middle, but it would end up very small as I needed access all round, and the ceiling slopes. 

The other side if the landing where the contractors are at the minute will be made into shelving for storing and displaying models,  as well as a desk to do scratch builds, etc. 

This will take a fair bit of work, hope to draw out some plans of the space. Then I'll box up everything out of the way. I'll be using old school tables I found for the layout, with ply on top. And I've already got shelving I can use. I'll be paying for it all myself, and my dad will help a bit too.  

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Started a bit of wrecking today, all the fencing, gates, hedging and grass all pulled up on the right hand side, hope to pull up the cardboard then put up a temporary shelf to put the contractors stuff on, then work from there. 




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Continuing to clear the far side,  plenty of fiddly bits here, a bit different to the fields. I've only started to realise how much of some of the accessories I have now that they're all in one place. Also got a second hand chair and desk, this will be for scratch building.  




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1 hour ago, Paul Palmer said:

Nathan,have you altered the britains farm building?

Yes, Paul. I made a gable wall and a side wall to close it in a bit. I also made a floor to glue it down to. It's a bit rough at the minute because it has been moved around so much but I'll get it fixed.




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Quite a bit of progress made yesterday; bin dismantled ready for spraying, some sheds in place, silage pit filled. I'm also doing some work on the open fronted shed. the plan is to make it into a 3 bay suckler shed with slats to the front and a solid floor at the back with a feeding passage at the front.  I've put in slats that I reused from the cubicle shed, filled and resprayed walls and floor, and now I'm working on the steelwork, the galvanised sheeting, and an access door on the side. I will be putting an overhang on the front aswell.  



















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