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Beet harvesters


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:o :o :o......Is that trailer unusually high off the ground too?

Not really as the farm it started its life on was a wheat only one so its a proper grain trailer not a root trailer, it does have rather large wheels on as well :);)

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Hi tractorman810

Yeah we have stopped growing beet cause the factory at Alscott near Telford our beet and every1 local goes to is being closed at the end of this season, meaning that the beet would have to go to the east and it makes it a none viable crop to grow with the added transport costs.


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Cool pictures ctsboy enjoyed them.

What a shame about not growing beets any more what are you going to grow to fill the gap?

It must feel like sh1t to be a beet grower and be given poor prices then to top it off the plant is closed.

Same thing has happened in NZ,Sweet corn was to us what beet were to the UK in the past,but this year the factory shut it's doors because it was not making any money. :(

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