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triffit high lift trailer

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marky the trailer is not so fragile, the main scisser lift is made from the gray plastic which is alot stronger than regular stuff, plus all the frame work on the main body strenthens it up no end. just like the real thing.

Oh I see... thanks Starbush... looks like a really nice model mate  ;)

I was wondering why Britains or some other maker hasn't made one... but I guess the finger trapping hazard puts pay to that  :-\

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Nice one Phil.

How much would a standard Triffit cost to make ? (I'm also after an Ertl Case5120 or similar to make a diaroma of my dad at work before he finally retired)

I nearly made it round to Mike's in Hornsea tonight but I was too late from work to take the missus to the Freeport !

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