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Thanks guys.

I think I might have to store some of this stuff. RSPCA would be after me for animal cruelty ha ha!?

I am slowing getting back into collecting the newer Britains farm stuff as I had been collecting the lead stuff. I go in phases, I'll have a lead spending spree then a ceremonial spree etc.... I collect to much damn stuff? ha ha!.

Cottage Farm, is the horse poo vacuum tanker Britains? I currently only collect undoctored Britains, I have way to many items to add to my shed without all the conversion and other makers. Not that they aren't excellent or anything like that. I just like to keep to one style.

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thats gonna cause some problems.... :D::)

So how much bigger is the collection now then ???

Thanks for pointing out the mistake Ben what would we do without you ???  :D :D :D

Not grown a whole lot......last few months have/will be a drain on the wallet....birthdays, weddings, Mothers day Fathers Day.........I think Ill buy them all farm toys and keep them at my place  :D :D :D :D :D

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nice scott, is that one of those 1/32 "zulu" collection buildings?? seen them down here and they aint cheap, they had a nice set of wall and gates which i considered but then saw the 90 quid price tag ,3 wall section 1 corner and a double gate set,and i  at least 3 sets :D :D

Thats the one Sean, was a Christmas present. The detail is amazing and it wieghs a tonne.  Still have to get those stone walls myself.

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blimey scot that was almost time warpish ! one post at may 20 2006 then the next one was yesterday !

nice building , & selection of animals as always , but do wonder if farmer always has the need to carry his gun around ? either that or he's waiting for the zulu's to reposess it

with the warning ,

'ere this yers meddervale varm , not bl00dy Rorkes Drift !'

i shall log off with

stop frowin blaady spears at me

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