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Trailed choppers


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Here are some pictures I have taken over the last couple of years of trailed choppers in action, something a bit different from the large self propelled which I thought would be a nice change.


New Holland TM175 with a JF FCT1050.  Taken June 2006.


John Deere 7920 with Pottinger Mex VI and a McConnel (Dow) 14t. trailer.  Taken May 2006.


Same as above.


Fendt 716 and Mengele SH40N with a Fendt 714 carting.  Taken June 2006.


McCormick XTX with a Tarrup 10X, taken at Grassland 2006 at Stoneleigh.


John Deere 8530 and Mengele SH40N.  Taken June 2007.

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Thanks to everyone for the nice comments.

Here are some more pictures of trailed choppers which were taken at the Grassland events in 2005 and 2006.


Landini Legend 185 TDI with a Mengele SH40N at Grassland 2005.


Mccormick XTX 185 Xtraspeed with a Mengele SH40N at Grassland 2006.


Case MXM 175 with a JF FCT 1050 ProTec at Grassland 2005.


Massey 7495 Dyna-VT with a JF FCT1050 ProTec at Grassland 2006.


Massey 6490 Dynashift with a Pottinger Mex VI at Grassland 2006.


Not quite a trailed chopper but still not self propelled.  Fendt 900 series reverse drive with what I think is a Kemper Champion 3000

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Guest Powerdozer

Still a few trile being used around here even a old New Holland trailed not sure of model number but still going strong apart from that they are all Mengeles which are the best trailed in my oppinion think there is still a little bit of the market left for the old trailed.

Great pictures Soilboy thanks i like going to Grassland but have missed the last two events am i right in sayin they have incorporated the Muck event into it now?

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Thanks for sharing those pics. Brings back some memorys there .Class 62 behind a roadless 98 (bl$$dy hard work) pulling 10 ten marsden trailers .Then upgraded (possable) to a jd 3640 and a nh 719 with 8 ton salops. And a two row maze header  ;D now that was great fun harvesting the maze. all towed behind the forager (back in the days when things were done at a more gently pace)  ::)

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Unfortunatly ive not seen many trailed choppers in the last few years due to people giving up on chopped silage or getting contractors in now with self propelleds. Last ones I saw are these below last season on second cut, its the same chopper as above with the JD 8530 and Fastrac but the tractors have since been changed.




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