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Straw stacks..............

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I need some opinions from you lot on here on straw stacks, I'm investigating the possibility of casting in resin the small Britains bales in a wall formation to fill the front of barns, also in doing them in the flat eight formation to fit the old Britains grab and also in the old 2x2 formation 3 high with one on top how they used to be done many years ago. Is this something that you think may be of interest to people (I know it is to one of you ;))?  Lets hear your thoughts :)

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the wall of bales i might be intrested in gav, as for flat 8's they would be lighter i would think????? hard to tell ,resin aint excatly heavy is it,

They are lighter Sean, will have some pictures for you in about 15 mins ;D ;D

I love this fast setting silicone I use now :D :D

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looks great Gav, how is the colour vs the originals??, much different ???......are you going to do some hay coloured ones as well ???

They are a brighter shade of yellow, if i could get a green the right shade I would do some hay bales :);)

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mmm intresting gav, what sort of price are we looking at for the walls version

All prices are listed on my website for these now

modified to comply with forum selling/advertising rules and guidelines

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Gav - Some of MGU's bales fit his flat 8 bale grab and others fall out. There appears to be a slight difference in the bale size?

Have you tried yours in the grab?

I have indeed Kev, they fit the grab that I have here. I've found in the past that some of the grabs differ as well :-\

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Well isnt that a good idea Gav!!!

Are they the cast ones or normal? No way of getting rid of the diaganol line?

Some people are just never satisfied ay? ;)

These are the cast ones, got quite a stack of them here now :);)

I can't remove the line without removing the straw detail on the bales :-\

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