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Industrial MF135


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if has still its front loader attached (but without cab not possible?) and otherwise in mint condition might be 5 or 10 quid more; but that should have been it; if you want to sell it for a higher price you should try to restore it with some spare parts available e. g. at Towse Trading; but to be honest every buyer should be informed that the parts are rebuilt ...

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According to the pocket guide some of these were sold without the cab, so it is not necessarily missing  ;)

As regards value, are YOU buying or selling?

Yes they came out in the window box with the steering drag link wire, cabless and no loader as on page 170 of David Pullen's book (though not shown as far as I can see,...only the red version)  and do I have one.... ::);):D
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This is one of the "key pieces" missing from my collection... but I WILL NOT pay over ?100 + for a MIB example.. nooooo way  >:(

keep hunting mate, even a good unboxed one would do suerly, i have a complete spare loader here awating use,and several other bits arround to i think, inc a cab

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