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Lego Ferguson Tractors


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You may be more inclined to think Lego is the stuff which you stick together to build things, but the brand also produced a line of premade toys, including these two ferguson tractors. They are collector gold nowdays, and rarely make less than ?400.

These two appeared on ebay yesterday, I never knew a red one existed, and it is almost impossible to find boxed examples.



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They are fairly large scale - 1/16th (ish)

Although the earliest model was this one I think, which is 1/64? Made of wood.

And the next pic is the MF model, didnt realise they make a fair bit of money!



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Being Danish, I  naturally have encountered these, and I've sometimes auctioned one of on Ebay, does make a nice bit of money. The red is much rarer than the grey.

Another danish company, well actually 2 companies ,Lion Toys, and Molberg did a joint project and made a MF 35 which is very close to 1/32, when I get into the deepest pits of my basemant I will bring on into the light and post pictures. This one is even rarer than the Lego ones.


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