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toytrac praise


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thought i would just pop a huge thank you up for steve and karren ,along with warner hall and his wife (not sure if they log on but sure stev can pass the praise on) for this years toytrac, could of put this in the current toytrac posts, but it could have been missed ,massive improvement on last years, supreb venue, roll on next year thats all i can say,once again thanks for a great day out

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Yep, good idea to start a fresh Topic just for the extended thanks to all those that made it possible.

From me the thanks are straight to Warner, Sue, Karen and Steve who have spent many an hour looking for a suitable location for this show. Well done for landing on your feet with Wincanton Racecourse. Your work paid dividends to this years show. I hope it stays here for a while yet, excellent facilities, clean, warm, an absoloute pleasure to be there. Apologies to the above for ending up with 8 tables when we only booked 6 collectively too!! Thanks to Karen for the chocolate brownies and the Jaffa Cakes (other brands of chocolate covered orange centred light sponge cakes are available)

Thanks to Marcus, Sean, Mark and Mandy for their help in getting this 24 odd foot display realised and set up over Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks to all the people who passed by and introduced themselves, members, non members, new faces and old. Thanks to Garret and Donald who made the trip from Ireland and Scotland respectively!!! Graham and Sharon for their good humour and chat and the tour of Frogs Hole Farm. ...

Roll on 2008!!! 



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a excellent day out , great new venue with level parking !!!

plenty of room for the display farms which were excellent , hope they can develop and expand this area for next time as it gave everyone plenty to look at and aspire to on returning home ,

also great friendly atmosphere amongst everyone , well worth getting up very early for !

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i would like to thank everyone

ftf boys and girls for the diplay and graham and sharon for thier supurb diplay and marky for the david baily photo shoot and to the barrett boys for not doing over uts this year and all our customers :-*:-*

best bit was barry's face when thomas looked him in the eye & said , "hello barry ,i'm your worst nightmare"  :D :D

well done & thanks to all involved , in the creation of this years toytrac . if you are a regular , then i'm sure you'll agree it can only get better .

thanks to the rest of the ftf display team for the encouragement towards each other in getting 24ft up-together & complete , i'm sure it helped ftf no end , so many people took an interest , & the little flyers didn't stay in place for very long , & the relief on some peoples faces to know they wern't the only mad people on the planet to & realise we were there to share their interest ,

great to meet new faces to much familliar names , not least graham & sharon with frogshole farm , believe me people  it really is a must see, so much you don't see in the pics , all become awe inspireing when it's seen as a whole .

:) :) :)

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Can only reiterate what's already been said really but will add, cracking day out, really nice to meet you all again and some I have'nt met before. Well done you lads on the fantastic layout and well done Mandy also.

Everyone I spoke to said that it was a cracking venue, easy to find (although there could have been some 'Toytrac' signs off the 303) and are looking forward to 2008. Very freindly atmosphere and smiles on everyones faces (including the dealers). ABSOLUTELEY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

Just over 80 miles each way for me, left up there at 3.23, arrived home 4.53. Now have a slight headache and a very empty pocket!  :(  ;)

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shame i missed it....thank you VW >:( >:(:D :D

will be there next year but will not be spending at Octobers Spalding if its the same time??? :-\ :-\ as i can see lots there i want >:(:D :D

Tris, i'll put up your thank you for me having to courier your gold FTF tractor on saturday up as well :D :D :D

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was a great day hope will only get better and better. having gone on saturday and seeing all the hard work that every one put in, which most dont see. like table chair, working out where evey one goes. plus all the stall holders having to unpack boxes and boxes of stuff. well done to all involved. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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Yes I think Warner, Steve & Karen have turned the show around and the future of the show is now looking very strong  ;)

There is obviously a bit of extra space for the show to grow into, the lighting was good, Heating  ;), carpets  ;), car park was no fun though compared with previous years at Farmer Giles  :D :D

Here's to the future and our hobby looks like its got another great show to attend to.

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