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This is how to fill your pit to the roof


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this is how to cram it all in  :o :o :o


Just like we used to run our FIAT-ALLIS 345 that I put a Perkins 1004-4T in to replace the tired 4.248 ....upped the power from 70 odd to 105 ish. It was OK as long as we owners only drove it. (No roll bar etc.) I'll dig out some pics of brother ducking under the end gable on next doors pit sometime. We got several jobs because we could fill customers pits where others couldn't. (Aswell as doing a better job all round of course  ;):))
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Great pics Mr Ford, look forward to seeing more, hint hint.

Re no rops/fops I thought the machine could operate in a confined space without a rollbar, not sure what would happen if the machine fell off the side of the pit though.

well unfortunately a local farmers son had just that happen with an old Bray, he was only in his early twenties. A chap up the road did survive a Fordson major falling on him though with only a broken leg.

When we had the FA it was only us owner drivers allowed on it without ROPS. The weathercab it came with only lasted about a week before we took it off, hindering visibility & causing a heck of a row, she's a '74 model and still going strong somewhere near Edenbridge Kent I think. We bought her as an 8 yr old from Fencat,Gosberton (Martin Stanley) who later went back to work for Fenland Tractors after being on his own for a few years. We had a great 18yrs out of her, there was nothing to touch her 'til the 412 (?-first of the rear-half seated)) JCB came out, even a Cat 920 was so slow compared to her.

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I seem to remember aslong as one of the owners and not any of the staff drove it it was ok still not sure how that work's  :-\ :-\ :-\

Rules apply to ALL operators.  :)

It's a bit of a grey area as far as the regulations and how they are worded, but plain and simple, the original ROPS for the machine has been removed and therefore the machine should be classed as unsafe.




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