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mf???? who knows just yet

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also tinkered with this over the weekend in between glue setting and paint drying / moulds drying, just a few bits i had laying arround the shed needed useing up, not sure if it will stay as a 6140 or go for the 4245 like the local council uses and inspired it in the first palce, hope to make the door open ect  if i can, and hopefully the loader will be red and rebadged a 896

like i say just a time filler really at the mo, got 2 390t's to finish to  ;) but they take a bit of time





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can you make a photo off the interior of youre Model sean ???

Like to see what youve done whit it ;)

will do when i get round to it mate

cheers for the pic allis, will leave her as she is for the min, although with a bit of work the cab top could be altered for a 4000 i would say, want to paint it the proper grey anyway

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