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Very nice Mandy, would be good to do contractor decals on the side of tractors and trailers and things too  :-\

They look great Mandy :)

Like Nick + F-P said,

I reckon some Plant company name + phone numbers would look great on, say the JCB 3cx

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They are great Mandy... loving the idea...

Plant hire logo's seem like a good idea to me as well... isn't most signwriting just plain text and solid colours really anyway... should be quite simple to do I reckon  :-\

I used waterslide once - it's quite easy to do... BUT.... VERY VERY expensive to make  :o

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are they made by farmermarshall or have you done them? please could you tell me what sort of paper printer you have used as i want to sign write some trucks ;)

yours look spot on, love the horse box

Thanks Mike... no I did make them...

I use stuff called Decadry... but it's a devil to get hold of ::) Not sure if Stephen uses the same stuff. I asked about the water slide type because I want an even better finish.

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I find that waterslide transfers do'nt like sticking to plastic as the surface of plastic is too smooth and shiny and they tend to just fall off when dry, so I first apply a very thin coat of clear varnish, nail varnish is good and then let it dry completely before applying the transfer.  Another thing with waterslide is that some tend to shrink in drying and crack so again, when they are completely dry, apply a very thin coat of varnish over them, this also protects them. I had one of the waterslide decals come off the RJN Classics red D.B. 990 and re-attached it using my varnish method......Should post this in 'hints and tips' but seeing we're on the subject of decals.

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