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Strange Russian Tractor


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....getting back on topic  ( mmmmmm....I think it was the hazelnuts....) These KIROVETS (?) were around in the 80's always with plastic wheels,but some were diecast and colour variations, & others were all plastic ( I have  an orange one, the diecast one being browny mauve & white. Curiously, as you probably know ,TYRO toys have recently brought out an all metal one of their own.

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This model is a Belarus / Kirovets Articulated tractor in 1/43 scale, made out of (weak) plastic.

The Kirovets was made for the Soviet market and the Belarus ( means White Russia) was made for Export to (mostly) Soviet friendly states.

This model is know in some paint variations like blue/grey, green/grey, red/grey and maybe some more variations.

Hope that you are satisfied with the answer.

Tractor Jack

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