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Show us your Pets!?!?!

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Since we picked up our new lab today, I thought it be nice to have a post where we can see what pets everyone has. Dont think we have a topic like this, but if so, apologies!


First two pics are our latest addition, Perdy



Then this is Beth, the oldest in the gang!


Then finally, Fearn, the young and lively c0cker spaniel!


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Here's my new puppy, ten week old "Alfie"

I'll not bore you with pictures of my Fish and the family rabbits..... well not yet anyway!  ::)

I might have another friend for Watson by the weekend too Scott!  :o


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Well... I think I have bored you all rigid with my pets.... but.. seeing as we have a dedicated topic....

Here is Alfie MKI


and we'll have no jokes about dogs looking like their owners thanks  >:(

He's a bit of a lap dog - someone tell him he's a bit to big pleeeeease.. Check out Mrs F's best slippers  :D :D :D


Oh..... and here is Skippy... he's a blue fronted Amazon Parrot... don't get too near him... he bites strangers  :D :D :D


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