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Absolute beginner starting first scratch-build project ...

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Well, I am still waiting for a large order of plastruct parts, colours, stickers, SIKU spare parts and more, but this is the beginning - my office has been prepared for spending every free minute for 1/32 modell farming and/or rather designing and building, as there is not much going on in the fields anymore now ;-)


sorry, can't find the loading cable of my camera at the moment, so pictures will follow tomorrow  :-[:-[

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very tidy not like mine

what are you goind building ???

it's a secret until I can show you first results; so as long as I am not sure if I have any crafting talent nothing will be published here from my side.

I can only say: It is no tractor and nothing offered by commercial modell brands or our well-known state-of-the-art conversionists (like Gavin or Dave) so far ... ;-)

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Yes Thomas knows, is he is kind of a mentor or teacher for me - beginning with the choice of the right materials ... Thanks, Thomas, but ... pssssst, not a word to anyone!!!

I shall keep quiet then too ;D ;D ;D ;D All bribes will be considered though ;D:D :D ;)

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now all parts have arrived but here is the first problem: I need those four wheels but I do not manage to get them rid of the axis. They same to be absolutely stick/stuck to the axis. The wheels are from the Grimme potato planter (SIKU) but I need them for something else .... What can I do without damaging the wheels? ( need the full tyres - rims and wheels complete!)


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did you cut them out?, cant quite see?? :-\

i'm not sure what you could have done?, maybe warm them up to soften the plastic?,  before trying to pull the axle from the wheel? ???:-\ :-\

drilled a small hole in the middle of each wheel, layed some soft paper on the weel, hold a strong but small screw-driver in the hole, then one stroke with the hammer, and the weels fell of in one niece piece.

Did the same with the wheels of a MB trac, as I need four more wheels for the second stage of this implement ;-)

As you can see here, it has something to do with row-crop and I have just measured the exact distance of the rows ...


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