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well heres what got knocked up for tris and spadilg, on the britains ford 5000 chassis, so stays as a 4 cylinder, resin cab ,bonnet and arches, but bonnet cut down and re shaped, had to comprimise with the bonnet to get it lined up with the cab work, so a small hump added, and to get it level without to much hassel i extended the front grill by 2 mm below the lights,

proper jewel lights fitted all round, front from a hobby shop, cab from henri walker ( l2 in his catolouge) resin 3 point from pma32, my last sadly unless he answers his e-mails hope all you blue guys enjoy






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Since when has a 6810 been "not even close" to someones guess of a 7610?  ??? Couldn't be closer in my book.Decal change only and tweaking of the pump pretty well?

I think he was trying to throw us off the scent Nigel, there weren't that many options as to what it could be from the photo he showed us ;D

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