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What should I stick on the front of this....?

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Apart from the decals which are in hand - I'm at a loss for what to use for a cutter-bar on this... It's heading towards being a Claas Dominator 96s Classic, but the Gama header is too clunky and spoils the whole model.


Siku headers are a bit ikky. Britains?  Scratch build? But with what as a base???

All bright ideas gratefully accepted!!  :)


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Don't suppose you could nick one off a Tucano really? :D  Its a tricky one, and shows the gaping hole in Claas models for a model of a Dominator 96/98 (though it would be the 85 for me).  If UH did the Tucano's V750 as a separate piece I'd seriously consider getting one to put on my Lexion 600.

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Hmm, Lexion could do with new front wheels as well - I was wondering if the ones on the Jaguar 960 are same diameter, at least they don't have Siku plastered over them!  I wonder if UH can be contacted about spare header and trailer, the one on the Siku one is really the only thing that lets it down besides my minor niggles about the wheels - especially since I removed the driver and the steering 'thingy'!

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The model is based on the Bruder Dominator...


Main mods are the cab and wheels, plus steering to the rear axle. Decals are being prepared too...

I'm going to try the Siku Fendt header - I have one which I'll paint up tomorrow... Watch this space!!  :)


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