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At last the 5000!


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Many thanks to John for putting these up. The '67 one sports the reg. no of the one we had new in '67 and ran for 8 yrs 'til a safety-cabbed 6600 replaced her.

The only difference between this and the ' 65 one is transfers and the option on the earlier one of a different toolbox, like the Dextas that some seem to have had, both included in the kit.

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Hello Nigel,

this is a great model,just a you promised. Hope they will be available soon.

Want one, want one or two, ha ha.

Will Arie van Hoorn receive them in a short while also.

Looking forward for the conversions also...


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great work nigle mate, looks as good as you described it on the phone the other day mate

so john, you made yours yet??

Nigle?! :D :D :D I thought being called tirs was bad!!

I bet Nigel felt a Nigle reading that  :D :D :D

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Hi Nigel That is a fantastic model  my friend John from over here in Canada told me about it when you did the proto type during his visit . I will definately be adding one to my collection very soon. The other thing we are probably all wondering is will their be any wheels and linkage and other parts  for us to buy to customize those horrible things from the Britains line. Keep up the great work.



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classic tractor & a very classy model to represent it nigel , as per it looks pretty darn perfect ,very nice  :)

just out of interest what sort of timescale does it take you to get from idea to finished & released  :)

depends what other projects/hinderances crop up. The "basic" patterns came in about 3 yrs ago after deciding to get on with it about a year previously[having wanted to do it for the previous 7 yrs when I first took over the company] but as the DB came in about the same time from another pattern maker who had all sorts of health problems [ he took 2 & 1/2 yrs instead of the 9 months quoted], it sat there until I corrected a few things on the DB to get that launched as that was much nearer correct .

The 5000 had so many inaccuracies/omissions etc[though cost me much less,it has to be said] it has taken me all my "spare" time to get it to this stage, though I did spend most of '07 spare time on getting a built/ cabbed model project of another make underway that is still ongoing  with an outside company and I hope will appear later in the year (still secret, but 2 versions 500 of each,presentation boxed).

I have just totted up.... there are 66 parts that I have had to alter or make from scratch and when you consider for instance each mudguard I have done 10 different aspect changes/additions to, to get them how they are I dread to think what time it has taken me as lots of parts have taken weeks each to make, I'm so tempted to work in plastic in future for the patterns, brass is so time consuming.

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Lovely looking model Nigel. 1/32 I presume.

    Good job "Paddy" Campbell isn't alive still, he'd go nuts if it went out without a "Paddy plate" on it. Explanation.........Sussex Tractors was owned by "Paddy" Campbell from about the mid sixties onwards. In those days "Sussex Tractors plates had to be on everything that went out. They were metal and rivetted on to the machinery. 


There you go Nigel, a genuine mid seventies "Paddy Plate". Haven't got any pictures of the old brass ones.  ;)

I think these were supplied by Mobil oils as part of their franchise agreement.

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we had one on the 6600 that Jimmy supplied us with in '75, but the 5000 came through J. Barnes & Sons, Bodle Street green as Dad went to school with Gerry Smith and we'd been having New Holland balers, Ransomes ploughs and Vicon machinery ( Acrobat, Vari-spreader,Fan-ted etc.) from them for years.

  I remember talking with Paddy when  Dad took me to a ploughing marathon somewhere on the downs one autumn and he was expressing his disgust at Dad not getting the 5000 from him and the Super Dexta from Testers of Edenbridge in '63, but did admit that they were very hard to find at the time.

  Model,1/32....of course.

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