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New Holland F9090 SPFH

Mike R

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I have just opened mine I am rather dissapointed its all plastic it has now towing eye and if I had know how poor it was I wouldnot off wasted my money on it. 2/10

I also got today the JD 9530T thats a different build altogether 9/10 for this

what do you think about these models ?

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I didn't keep the FR9090; I thought it was an OK model, but the FX is better, though the grass heads are far too big on both of them.  Steering wheels on the 9090 seemed to small to me as well - have looked in the catalogue and it was supposed to have been the smaller FR9060 in the Britains line you know...

As for the JD - I have just seen this in a shop in town, and I was very impressed I must say.  I'm not the hugest fan of Deere tractors, though I do like the 7810 and the old 4955, but the T looks like an excellent model though.

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Now she is a beaut!!! Deere of course.

You have got me worried about the JD forager on the way now mike  :-\ :-\ :-\

i wouldn't worry about it jez from looking at the pictures of it on top tractor its a prodrive and its got harvest lab on it as well as the greenstar, its an i and the flash photography shows most of its die-cast :) and when it was out the first time round the only fault with was the grass pick up

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its not just the metal its the flimsyness of it I would pay more if they were made like the elite range JD model or the siku models.

Its a shame I collected Britains for more than 25 years and this puts me off buying anymore

only this puts you off :o :o??.,....i've been put off from buying the new releases for years due to the poor build!, i hardly buy any RC2

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