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Classic Tractor November 2008

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Well as promised by Rory the November issue has arrived on the doorstep and, how shall I put this......it is very er, RED, quick hide it from Marky, I'm not sure that he is quite recovered from the MF mag, he might need a week or two in a darkened room before he sees this one  :D :D :D :D :D :D

Note to Bill as well..... there is a section on Border Fine Arts pieces, how they are designed and built and the opportunity to win the latest one

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I'm surprised there haven't been a few more posts on this months issue...I might stick my neck out and say its the best issue yet, there is a fair bit of red but much much more besides - including a wonderful article on Alan Johnson's contract harvesting operation which runs 5 mint Claas combines, plus an equally immaculate BM Volvo S950...superb stuff, a credit to all involved.

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Dear Nashmach

Thanks for the post and comments. To answer your question, the latest issue was our biggest ever, although the level of editorial stories inside was about the same as usual. It grew in size to accomodate the larger number of adverts associated with the 'MF 50 Years' special.

As for future issue sizes, I doubt we shall go much bigger because of the difficulty of binding such a large magazine and there is no particular desire to move to a perfect-bound (square spine) cover. Plus we also want to maintain the quality of our paper and if we did go larger, we would have to reduce the quality.

Around 70-75 pages of editorial seems like a sensible amount. Our experience has shown that much more can be quite intimidating to the reader, who probably has to contend with reading several other tractor-related magazines during the same month.

Hope this answers your question.



Classic Tractor

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Ah yes can see the dilemma personally I'd prefer it bigger of course but then I only buy CT and that is it usually....

Don't want another T&M problem :-X :-X

Thanks for answering Rory,


Hopefully next month includes lots of blue but good to see Self Propelled getting lots of coverage now especially combines - 2 things I would like (I know I have said this before) are a mention of combines, silage harvesters, loaders etc in the fleet profiles and around up of new additions to previous fleet profiles ;)

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Excellent article on the Countys and the Border Fine Arts process.

Enjoyed the auction reports - some tidy blues for sale.

The rest of the Magazine was all a red blur though. Was enough to give you a headache. Was there a problem in the printing process?

Hopefully will get sorted for the next edition  8)

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