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Agritron & Combidrill

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Hi all,

Those of you wondering how many trucks I will tell you that there are 20 all engages on some form of agri based haulage.

9 No Blue Scania Toplines all with extendable stepframes for combines and the like

5 No Yellow Scania Toplines 2 of which haves heavy duty stepframe on, the other 3 are wagon & drags (2 with beaver tail flats &1      extended tractor to make Livestock mover)

3 No Dafs with flats on

1 No Merc in JCB colours

1 No MAN TGA with Bulker

and for you sharp eyed poeple the one missing is a boxed Agco Peterbuilt set celebrating Allis chalmers 50th anniversary.

All the above except Peterbuilt have scratch built trailors because I feel that the ones that are supplied by newray are to high to the floor of the trailor.

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your drill combi may have been built first but whos was posted on the forum first??!! ha ha.

i have the privalage of seen 4c layout regularly and words cannot describe how many finly detailed models there are, the waggons look so good and all of them are fully loaded with tractors, combines, plant , implements, fertbags ect. All the trailers are hand made by 4c and the combine trailers stretch and have outriggers just like the real life ones, i am lucky enough to have one that he made for me (after much pestering). sparrow legs

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I think Sparrowlegs has got mistaken, as the on the layout was the MAN TGA, here's the only picture that I have of the Daf 95XF.

MJB, I think that you are very confused as the Daff drivers would rather be Scania drivers

is that trailer home made 4c ?  as it looks he part :) :) :)

having driven both i'd definately choose the DAF.

deer-est ?

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