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MF 595 4WD Finished

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A bit same like Jan MF did i wil only not extend the arches at the back.

The reason of that is i like it more whitout the extentions.

Here is a photo of the model so far:



I need to make the chasisbars on the sides and the fuel tank on the other side.

And also need to paint the underhalf of the cab.

And i also need to put the front axle under it now it is loose.

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Well a small update

I made the chasis bars and i painted the black rubber parts on the bonnet.

Everything is still loose including the frontaxle (also the bonnet isnt sitting in the right possition now)

Just to give an impression how works progressing!




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another cracking looking model allready johny,again im after info,what is the bonnet,is it one you have made johny?wheels and tyres,are they off the uh 590 with bigger tyres fitted,im sure there are many people who would like to know

cheers johny

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Thanks for you re reply Paul ;)

The bonnet is modify ed from the MF590 from UH

The Back rim is from the 590 whit the tyres of the MF 1200 from UH

The front rim are 3 different rims 1. rim and Tyre of the MF 35 from UH 2. wheelweight casting Martin Reeve 3. the middle center of the rim of the MF 590 from UH.

Hope that answers you re questions?

Regards Johny ;)

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Thanks for the reply´s lads!

The front rims are from the UH MF 35 with the centers indeed of an Martin Reeve 1080 4wd and also the part of the front rim of the 590 to atach it to the front axle ;)

The model is going with me to Zwolle Tris but i have to pitbulls with me that havent eat the last couple of weeks! :P

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