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Norev 2012


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norev are the manafactures of the agritechna release of claases lexion 770 terra trac,thought there might be some pictures atte

I didn't hear about it, so i don't know!

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Product: Claas Jaguar 690

Scale: 1:32

Price: €64,95

Available: Agritechnica 2011?



<sigh> Another model to save up for... ;) That and the 770.

Just bought myself a Case 600 Quadtrak and Perard chaser bin for this years 'harvest' too... :D

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was the perard expensive malcy?

I thought so.

Oh, I suppose I should say it was £49.99 inc delivery from flea-bay. Looks like it will be a lovely model when it arrives... The 600 was £23.99 from a local toy shop.

These impulse buys add up... this week I also bought a towed lawn aerator and a 36" roller to tow behind the lawn mower.

Luckily I give myself enough 'pocket money' to cover the costs ;)


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Maize header or grass header?

Grass header or maize header?

Or both...? still, Christmas is coming!!  ;)

Still no pictures of the Lexion 770?? I was close to getting one but apparently there's an embargo now in place and the chap who says he had one can't (ie won't!) e-mail it to me...


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