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Ford 8830

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would imagine you local dealer would have an areasol to match or close to it at least .

get that front tyre turned else all the die hard ford saddo's will never forgive you .......ever

& was blu-tack on fords options list as an exhaust stabiliser , as struggling to see it on my 86/87 ford tractors price list  ???

nice conversion mate  :)

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that looks a tidy build, and having seen the new uh models in the flesh, far better on them chunky wheels, so don't be put by them coming out thats for sure, agree on the aint, local nh dealer will have a ford blue in ,it may not be a 100% perfect match for the uh cab, but the windows pop out ok on them so you could always respray that frame to match if its to far off

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That will look very smart when finshed i reccon. Very nice work. I agree with the others,the UH version could be better. Even the cab roof on the UH  Gen2 version seems different to their 7810 which sould not be the way.  Cant wait to see yours when finshed. Top class. ;) :)If it were me tough id have it as a TW-35 & not the 8830. TWs are the legends when it comes to big Fords. Just a tought.

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