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Tractor abuse, Indian style


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What a pillock... shame he didn't fall off and run himself over really... the world has too many idiots as it is I reckon.... I'm just not sure what he is trying to prove

I agree Mark i feel sorry for that tractor then i just though on all the lovely british classic's heading out to theses parts of the world and getting the same treatment brings a tear to my eye

is that a MF 410 or something like that ?

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so he is showing the tractor is too light weight on the front for the plow?

surely a nice rock would have been nice to put the tractor on it's side and the idiot driver underneath it!

I would think it is much more interesting to demonstrate it's pulling power by putting the plow to work and maybe at the end use the mad skills to make a quick turnaround rather then spinning around..

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